Parkland Homeowners Association Fitness Instructor Finder Platform, Update

Offering renewed access to more than 150 qualified trainers in South Florida, FitnessAtYourDoor aims to help Parkland residents reach their health targets with expert supervision. The expanded program connects individuals, corporations, and groups with coaches based in close proximity in the interest of added convenience for all involved. For more information see The announcement […]

Moore Financial Services Celebrates Black History Month

by Producing a Series of AI Produced Videos Celebrating Famous Black Business Owners Dallas, Texas Feb 1, 2023 ( – The Black-owned Dallas-based business credibility consulting firm, Moore Financial Services is proud to celebrate Black History Month and its commitment to the Black community by launching a new AI video production division. For the month […]

“Angel Star” released ! by Karen Salicath

Pianist and Composer Karen Salicath is a new kind of classical artist – thoughtful, multi-talented, and confident. The new single ‘Angel Star’ is a masterpiece of composition. She is in a unique position to redefine the classical genre. New York City, New York Feb 1, 2023 ( – Interview by Lauren Scott with Karen Salicath […]

Trenton Wrongful Death & Medical Malpractice Lawyer | Legal Services Launched

Following an initial call, the Trenton medical malpractice attorneys can provide answers about seeking justice for wrongful death cases. Families or individuals who have been impacted by death due to medical carelessness will be guided on a case-by-case review. More information can be found at With its recent launch, NJ Injury Guys seeks to […]