Which Companies are Leading the Textile Chemicals Market

According to a recent study by Fact.MR, the surging apparel sales via online retail shops have been enabling sustainable growth in the textile chemicals market amid COVID-19. Some of the leading players are focusing on improving their online presence to offset lack of footfall in brick and mortar stores. For detailed insights on enhancing your […]

Which Factors will Induce a Change in the Demand for Immunochemicals During the Assessment Period

Immunochemical offerings are largely reliant on luminometric, fluoro, and photon-based detection. These products have gained traction as the healthcare sector transitions away from chromatography in clinical diagnostics. Faster detection of disease-specific antibodies, and diagnostics in terms of pharmaceuticals, hormones, and biomarkers will aid growth in the long term. Also, applications in environment analysis, food safety […]

Spout Pouch Market By Material Type (Plastic, Paper, Aluminium) and By End Use (Food, Beverages, Automotive) – Forecast 2021-2031

Flexible packaging formats has witnessed a significant growth over rigid packaging formats. Spout pouches are commonly used flexible packaging solution for packaging of several products in industries such as food, beverages, home care & personal care, automotive, pharmaceuticals etc. Spout pouch is a flexible packaging solution in which spout is equipped at the top of […]

Squeegee Market By Material Type (Rubber, Neoprene, Polyurethane) and By Hardness (Soft 60A, Medium 70A, Hard 80A ) – Forecast 2021-2031

With the rapidly growing printing industry and home cleaning applications, squeegee has found an extensive space as a critical source for cleaning in these industries. A Squeegee is a tool with a flat, smooth rubber blade that is extensively used to control the flow of liquid on a flat surface. Initially squeegee were used for […]

Smart Street Lighting Systems Market By Connectivity (Wired and Wireless) and By End User (Traditional & Other Renewable Energy, Solar) – Forecast 2021-2031

250 Pages Smart Street Lighting Systems Market Survey Report Provides Latest Trends and Drivers for 2021-2031 With the constant adoption of new technologically advanced products across different areas of operation, the adoption of smart street lighting system is also increasing rapidly as it is a connected lighting Considering today’s initiatives by government and other private […]

Electronic Wrapper Market Expansion to be Persistent through 2021-2031

Food and beverage industries are profiting the most by electronic wrapper market growth. The electronic wrapper market is primarily driven by the necessity of advancement in the packaging industries in correlation to other end-user industries. The food and beverage, healthcare, consumer products and various other industries have growing requirements for efficient solutions for the bulk […]

Single Feed Market By Raw Material Type (Microorganisms, Biomass) and By End Use (Human Food, Animal Feeds) – Forecast 2021-2031

Single feed commonly includes unfinished or refined protein of bacteria, yeast, algal or mold origin, which is utilized either as human feed or animal feed. Microbial biomass as a wellspring of food proteins has gained specific interest in consumers as a substitute source of proteins for agricultural purposes. Furthermore, single feed contains different supplements; for […]

Fruit Packaging Market By Type (Flexible Packaging, Rigid Packaging) and By Material (Plastic, Metal, Glass) – Forecast 2021-2031

Packaging has become an essential part of the global economy. Packaging not only caters to storage and enhances shelf life but also offers attractive packaging design which also plays a significant role in the revenue generation from the packaging. The global market for packaging particularly for fruits is marked by both packaging formats, flexible as […]