The Fit Artist, Crystal Lindsey plans to donate custom paintings to deserving non-profit organizations in 2023

Dallas, TX, USA —The Fit Artist, Crystal Lindsey plans to donate 200 custom paintings to deserving non-profit organizations every quarter in 2023. The Fit Artist, Crystal Lindsey, has made a big impact at McAlister Institute, the premier detox shelter in San Diego, by delivering over 200 custom paintings for the holiday party with Charles Vest. […]

Sacramento Custom Door & Garage Storage System Installation, Service Expanded

The award-winning company now provides a wide range of door replacement and home organization solutions for Sacramento homeowners. These include custom interior doors, barn doors, closets, and garage organizer installations. More details can be found at The door replacement specialists at One Day Doors & Closets of Sacramento utilize digitalized measuring and cutting technology […]

Short Term Rental Insurance For Vacation Property Homeowners: Services Updated

As part of its updated services, the agency provides commercial liability policies that complement homeowner’s coverage – ensuring that a client’s Airbnb, Vrbo, or short-term vacation rental property is properly covered. These policies, backed by Lloyds of London, are designed exclusively for landlords who accept temporary, paying guests. More information can be found at […]

Parkland Homeowners Association Fitness Instructor Finder Platform, Update

Offering renewed access to more than 150 qualified trainers in South Florida, FitnessAtYourDoor aims to help Parkland residents reach their health targets with expert supervision. The expanded program connects individuals, corporations, and groups with coaches based in close proximity in the interest of added convenience for all involved. For more information see The announcement […]