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Chandler, AZ – Besides the pain of a loved one’s death, grief is confusing and draining, even with an estate plan. However, when a loved one passes away without a will, trust, or estate plan, their assets must undergo probate, where the surviving family settles the distribution of assets in court. When the beneficiaries of an estate plan disagree on who should receive a particular property, they go into probate litigation to resolve their disputes. Keystone Law Firm probate attorney guides family members on the proper implementation steps, drafts documents related to the probate process, and offers court representation.

Litigation in probate court is complex, and the attorneys develop personalized plans to help clients achieve favorable outcomes. They handle cases of beneficiaries contesting the crafting of a will/estate plan, questioning the amendment of wills, and disputing the naming of guardians/representatives/conservators. Beneficiaries interpreting the distribution of assets differently from the deceased, suspecting manipulation from a power of attorney, or seeking clarity on legal matters can visit the law firm for guidance.

Keystone Law Firm focuses on summary administration, transfer by small affidavit, supervised administration, and formal/informal probate. They facilitate probate and non-probate property that passes directly to beneficiaries instead of going through a proceeding. They include property held in joint tenancy/living trust, payable in death bank accounts, real estate transferred by beneficiary deed, community property with right of survivorship, and assets registered in transfer on death forms.

Once contacted, the probate attorneys establish grounds for a litigation claim, outline court procedures, and take the case to court. When a beneficiary/family member wins a probate litigation claim, they keep the property or receive damages from the other party. If they lose, they must pay damages/fees to their opponents or surrender their property. If both parties settle, they agree on terms before going to court, especially when one party feels they lack enough evidence to win their suit.

When creating a will or estate plan, Keystone Law Firm lawyer for probate advises clients to engage their services. They offer training about legal options, prepare wills/trusts, communicate with loved ones objectively, and resolve conflicts as they arise. They also perform extensive research to protect clients’ rights before breaking down estate planning law in a trust, will, and estate dispute.

“Lawyers at the Keystone Law Firm contribute to your peace of mind by having the process- and solution mindset. That means giving you undivided attention and utilizing the smallest detail in your case to increase the chances of a better outcome.” – Company Representative.

The law firm takes great pride in helping clients make difficult decisions about their hard-earned assets in case of death, illness, or incapacitation. They ease the stress by paying close attention to individual wishes and unique needs. To learn more about their probate process, visit their website or call (480) 418-8448 to request a case evaluation. Keystone Law Firm is located at 2701 W. Queen Creek Rd. #3, Chandler, AZ, 85248, US.

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