New Book Presents Marathon! A grueling race against fate in John Herbert’s debut novel.

John Herbert is from Toronto, Ontario, Canada and resides in Southern Ontario to this day.

Cheyenne, Wyoming Nov 28, 2022 ( – Unlock the strength and determination inside you and embark on this spectacular journey that is the Marathon. Richard Marlborough, a father of two, and a runner they call ‘The Kid’ has a difficult time in his life. A rebel being chased by troubles all throughout his life yet he is determined to accomplish an incredible feat by running in a marathon. He is propelled to take greater control over his challenging situation and to focus on the positive and creative options life has to offer.

MARATHON by John Herbert is an encouraging story that narrates a motivational tale about taking the reigns in this competitive world of running. With John Herbert’s authenticity in writing, he demonstrates an impressive resilience among his characters that is filled with such surprising vigor of heartfelt emotions that come off every page. Here’s an incredible story that will leave you feeling like anything is possible.

The multi-dimensional theme details a journey through the marathon of life. Richard’s purpose is to reach the line in the MARATHON to realize his meaning in both struggles. This book entails one man’s ability to make the most out of a challenging experience with excellent results. John Herbert’s honesty and candor make the book humane with immense empathy and subtle pride. It’s a story with a solid ground for you to stay anchored to when everything else around you is just falling apart.

Moreover, evoking through the minds and hearts of the readers in turn a sense of compassion, understanding, and awe. As the author recounts the numerous and tumultuous ordeals of his characters, there is so much in this book that is eye-opening.

Furthermore, it’s the kind of story that is absorbing and entertaining all at the same time. One that writes from his heart and writes objectively. Are you ready to be enlightened and intrigued by the author’s thoughts? Each chapter is distinctively written with a message that is truly fascinating and edifying for all those who struggle with undefined grief.

John Herbert commits to writing about his hometown like Dickens for his London and Twain the Mississippi. John takes this opportunity to acknowledge all the beautiful people and places on our planet. Herbert writes, ‘Everyone needs that one person in life that he can speak with in confidence. The one person he can trust with the secrets to his soul and share his innermost sentiments.’ Enjoy the great thought-provoking moments that make you contemplate life.

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