Why Is Graphene Coating Spray For Cars Needed To Protect Your Vehicle’s Value

Why is a graphene coating needed for your vehicle? Your vehicle can take a lot of abuse while on the road and over time the paint will start to diminish which will ultimately hurt the value of your automobile and nobody wants to lose money on their investment. Face it, that’s what your vehicle really is. An investment. After a while if your paint takes too much damage it can start to allow rust into the frame of your vehicle and rusting it from the inside out. Causing damage to the paintwork from fading/discoloration and eventually causing it to start chipping and falling off completely.

With vehicle prices continuously rising, especially in the current car market with the chip shortage causing used vehicle prices to skyrocket. You’ll want to keep as much value that you can in your vehicle before it’s time to get rid of it. So, what can a graphene coating do to protect the quality and condition of your car or truck’s paint?

Graphene has extreme heat resistant properties. So much to the point that it’s starting to be used on spaceships and satellites to protect components from the extreme heat of taking off and moving throughout space. You can imagine what that would mean for your vehicle when it comes to protecting your paint from the sun’s UV rays which can cause fading and discoloration. Some people will even coat components in their engine bay with a graphene or ceramic coating to help protect it from heat that’s produced in and around the engine.

On top of heat resistance, Graphene coatings have highly hydrophobic properties. This can help prevent water spotting and greatly reduces the work needed when washing your vehicle because the contaminants can’t just sit and cling to the surface of your vehicle’s paint and since they have nothing to stick to, they rinse and wipe off with ease. Graphene has a high contact angle so as soon as any liquid hit’s the surface it can’t do anything except run off the surface.

With the added layer of protection over top of your automobile’s paint and clearcoat, this makes washing much safer as well because a graphene coating will help reduce the chances of any micro-scratches or swirling caused by dirt and other contaminants that get dragged along your vehicle’s surface when you wash your vehicle. The protective coating will also protect your vehicle’s paint and clearcoat from acidic substances like bird poop, acid rain and pollen which will all eat away at your clearcoat and will eventually cause damage directly to the paint in that area.

Along with the heat resistance, UV resistance, hydrophobic effects and the durable coating protecting the exterior of your vehicle, graphene also has anti-static properties which helps repel things like dust or hair from settling on the surface of whatever it’s applied to. So, besides dirt and dust on the exterior, it can also be used on the interior of your car to make dust and any pet hair cleanup easier.

Graphene is very new in the automotive detailing world, but it is quickly taking over the scene and showing it’s even more effective, versatile and durable than a ceramic coating. Tested at being 200x stronger and more durable than steel, even when only at a single atom thick honeycomb molecular structure. Allowing it to be much more flexible and durable than a standard ceramic coating and being thinner which makes it easier to apply, reducing the chance of creating low and high spots when it’s applied.

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