Offers At-Home CarboxyTherapy Treatment

Individuals can now receive carboxytherapy from the comfort of their home. This effective, non-surgical treatment addresses skin regeneration concerns including vaginal issues associated with childbearing, aging, and stress.

Research has shown that 3 out of 4 women experience vaginal discomfort in their life due to dryness and lost elasticity. This can be remedied with CO2Lift’s at-home carboxytherapy treatment. CO2Lift’s carboxy vaginal treatment, CO2LiftV, uses the science of carboxytherapy to provide total vaginal rejuvenation. Users will experience increased production of natural lubrication, improved vaginal tightening, enhanced cosmetic appearance, increased sensation, and reduced painful intercourse. The large kit comes with five treatments and five applicator sticks that can be used from the privacy of one’s home. Results will be seen after just one treatment; however, doctors recommend 10 to 15 treatments for lasting results. Following this, individuals can complete monthly sessions for maintenance.

Those looking to receive the benefits of carboxytherapy can purchase the kit online. When gaseous carbon dioxide is either injected into the skin or applied topically, the body interprets this CO2 as a lack of oxygen and responds by delivering a powerful boost in oxygen to the area. This increases blood circulation, forms new blood vessels, and stimulates growth factors that promote healing and tissue regeneration for vaginal rejuvenation. Additionally, it triggers the discharge of waste from the skin, which promotes healing and provides greater hydration. It also promotes protein synthesis to increase elasticity and firmness and improve collagen production.

CO2Lift’s at-home carboxy vaginal treatment is suitable for anyone who wants to address vaginal issues caused by childbearing, aging, or stress. This non-surgical treatment is painless with no downtime. The formula is administered with an applicator and takes approximately 45 minutes. You can also apply it before bed and remove in the morning. For those interested, they can reach out to CO2Lift’s team of specialists to discuss their medical history and determine candidacy.

CO2Lift is a medical-grade brand of cosmeceuticals from Lumisque Skincare. Using the powerful benefits of carbon dioxide, the brand offers several products to nourish, brighten, tighten and hydrate skin. Other products include a cleanser, moisturizer, and carboxy gel treatment.

Those looking to restore the youthful functionality of their vagina no longer need invasive and expensive surgical treatments. With CO2LiftV, the at-home carboxy vaginal treatment, users can see immediate results, like improved vaginal sensitivity, lubrication, and vaginal laxity, from the privacy of their home. Those interested can visit C02Lift.comto order the kit and have it shipped directly to their home.

About CO2Lift: CO2Lift ( is an online retailer specializing in cosmeceuticals to rejuvenate the skin and combat the effects of aging. CO2Lift a brand of Lumisque Skincare and based in Weston, Florida. The brand has taken an innovative approach to carboxytherapy, offering revolutionary carbon dioxide therapy treatments. CO2Lift provides the only proven, medical-grade, and topical carboxytherapy treatments that doctors recommend. Their kits allow individuals to access the benefits of carboxytherapy from the comfort and privacy of their own home.

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