Bitop Exchange: Quotes a new concept of smart investment

With the rise of global cryptocurrency exchanges and the popularity of new ICO fundraising, cryptocurrencies have become an extremely popular investment alternative for numerous traders.

According to the data from Coinbase, the total crypto daily transaction volume is more than 15 billion U.S. dollars, this potential makes for attractive investments to people who believe in the future of digital currencies. For people who believe in that promise, investing in cryptocurrency represents a way to earn high returns while supporting the future of technology.

But to get in on the action, you’ll need a crypto exchange where you can buy and sell digital currencies, like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin. Fortunately, you can always buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and other trendy altcoins on Bitop Platform with the lowest fees regardless of whether you are trade cryptocurrencies for the first time, everyone can easily get started on Bitop Platform.

Bitop’s exceptional contract trading and anti-risk system

The path to contract is not as easy as it seems. How to form differentiated competitive advantages for Bitop Platform has always been on the lookout for Bitop Exchange.

On the one hand, Bitop Exchange sets up a special “market depth project team” to mobilize and integrate the depth of each major market to ensure that users reach the point of complete transaction. On another hand, Bitop launched a million-level matchmaking engine, where millions of orders can be completed within just a second.

In addition, Bitop Platform combines AI technology to develop professional AI trading assistants to provide strategic trading tools for traders. From that, traders can rest and invest better without having to aware of the market index 24 hours a day. Bitop Platform’s AI intelligent risk control system can also intelligently judge whether the user’s trading behavior is dangerous, and timely find and deal with it.As we know, the risk control of the contract trading is the key to the survival of the exchange. In the current contract trading, once the market fluctuates greatly, it is common to experience “pin insertion”, malicious liquidation of position, and position penetration. 

Bitop Exchange also promises that “no liquidate in user’s positions” and “no share of positions through warehouses”. Since the risk control system of the Bitop contract trading is that when the risk rate reaches 100%, the position is forced to be closed. Bitop also strictly eliminates the phenomenon of allocation, and position penetrating.When the market fluctuates violently, Bitop Exchange strips abnormal data, and user’s profit and loss will not be affected by the severe price fluctuations within the platform, and the situation of users being maliciously “exploded” can be eliminated.

Easy-to-trade for novice traders

For novice users, the threshold for contract trading is dramaticly high, and it is difficult to grasp the trading strategy. In response to this market pain point, Bitop Exchange launched the innovative “Mirror Trading System”.

This system allows ordinary traders to copy trades from the trading accounts of top performing copy trade managers, so that they can fully follow and realize the complete synchronization of the trading result. If the copy trader manager gains income, the retail followers can also get the income, and vice versa.

As for who makes a top-performing copy trader manager, Bitop Exchange tracks these Strategy Managers on the platform in real-time and calculated their ranking based on their performance using an array of measures. And posts data on successful copy trade managers, including profitability, profit/loss ratio, capital strength, maximum retracement and power value.

When a copy trade manager operates, the relevant policies are kept secret, so that even mercier users do not know whether they are long or short in the contract. Merchandiser users see the trading strategy they were following only when the copy trade manager closes the position for settlement. This effectively avoids the disclosure and failure of trading strategies. Relatively, when an replicator trader follows the account of a copy trade manager, there will be no delay or price difference in the transaction of all orders, and there will be no cases of orders not keeping up with the account of the copy trade manager.

In addition to the mirror trading system, Bitop Exchange also launched demo trading functions. The so-called “demo trading” refers to a simulated transaction that the exchange provides contract for investors who are new to the market to help users familiarize themselves with the operation and related risks. The specific stipulation is that Bitop Exchange gives each participating user’s demo account a gift of 10,0000 USDT of original funds; users can use contract simulation transactions to accumulate experience and develop their own strategies.

Latest Campaign of Bitop Exchange

Bitop Platform is now celebrating its greatest upgrade, and give all the new users out there an amazing opportunity to win fabulous rewards.

Bitop Platform Upgrade Celebration,100000 USDT gives away!

Campagin period:

June 20 to July 4, 2021

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2. Invite a friend to earn a bonus of $3 USDT.

3. Earn an extra bonus of $3 USDT after complete an actual trade with a minimum accumulated sum of 299 USDT value in your margin account.


1. Register an account on the Bitop platform during the activity period, join the Bitop Telegram group and provide the admin with your Register UID (registered mobile phone number, email or ID); all rewards will be issued after completing the relevant tasks.

2. Advanced verification KYC needs to be completed during the activity period.

3. The winning ID will be released on Bitop’s official social media channels 72 hours after the end of the activity.

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