Louis Cartier was a remarkable pioneer in his field. He designed a watch for his friend, an aviator, which was meant to be worn on the wrist. Later he introduced a women’s bracelet watch to the market, it was a prototype of luxurious and functional jewelry for which the brand became famous.

Wanting to keep up with the growing interest, Cartier also introduced a new collection – Les Must de Cartier. Unique so far edition of beautiful jewelry and Cartier pendants, at prices lower than luxury jewelry. Thanks to this, it promoted its brand among the less affluent and increased the number of consumers.

As Cartier became widely associated with a high quality of life, the company entered a whole new level. Art exhibitions were created, during which the public could admire the masterpieces of jewelers, such as works of art by Picasso or Monet. The association of the brand with sophisticated displays of works of art only strengthened the position of Cartier and his company in the global market.

Continuing the brand’s evolution, Cartier partnered with sporting event organizers, making them popular in a whole new sector. To maintain a correlation with art and preserve the art community as its customers, the company began an in-house publication of Cartier Art magazine.

Nowadays, positive associations with the brand are the result of many years of marketing strategies and the tradition of producing amazing jewelry, and most of all Cartier pendants.

Cartier Bracelet Models

The Cartier class, the subtlety of form, style, and elegance combined with the symbolism and magic of the stone and the perfection of workmanship make it extremely popular and timeless.

  • Juste Un Clou
  • Clash De Cartier
  • Love
  • Trinity
  • Panthere De Cartier
  • Ecrou De Cartier
  • Cactus De Cartier
  • Diamond Collection
  • Amulette De Cartier

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