Amid enduring Jesus is the “Sign” that God gives the world: Pope Francis

Pope Francis meets with a designation from Slovenia and the Italian district of Abruzzo and expresses gratitude toward them for the endowment of the Christmas tree and Nativity scene to the Vatican this year.

“The feast of Christmas reminds us that Jesus is our peace, our joy, our strength, our comfort.” Those were Pope Francis words on Friday morning to an appointment who introduced the current year’s Christmas Tree and Nativity scene to the Vatican.

The great tidy tree, which invests heavily of spot in St Peter’s Square, comes from the timberlands of Kočevje, a town on the Rinža waterway in Slovenia, while the artistic bunk has been given by the Italian town of Castelli, in Italy’s Abruzzo area.

Tree and den an indication of expectation

Expressing gratitude toward those present in front of the proper initiation on Friday, the Pope said these “icons of Christmas” are like never before “a sign of hope for the people of Rome and for those pilgrims who will have the opportunity to come and admire them.”

The tree and Nativity scene help to make a “favourable Christmas atmosphere for living in faith the mystery of the Redeemer’s Birth,” he said.

Quietude of the Holy Family

Pope Francis noticed that when we mull over the Holy Family, “we are pulled in by their incapacitating lowliness.” He proceeded to state that there is no space for them, not so much as a little room, yet “they keep vigil.” Mary “keeps everything in her heart,” while Joseph “searches for a spot for her and the Child who is going to be conceived.”

To get the blessings of harmony, happiness, strength, and solace, said the Pope, “we need to feel little, poor and humble like the characters in the den.”

Featuring the challenges individuals are confronting this Christmas specifically, Pope Francis focused on that “amidst the enduring of the pandemic, Jesus, little and powerless, is the ‘Sign’ that God provides for the world.”

Closing his welcome, the Pope alluded to his visit to the Italian town of Greccio a year ago where he marked his Apostolic Letter, Admirabile signum, devoted to the Christmas lodging. “It will benefit us to re-read it in nowadays,” he said.

In consistence with against Coronavirus guidelines, the Christmas tree and Nativity Scene will be introduced on Friday evening. The service will be directed via Cardinal Giuseppe Bertello and Bishop Fernando Vérgez Alzaga, individually President and Secretary General of the Governorate of Vatican City State.

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