Utah explorer experiences a cougar who followed him for almost 6 minutes: ‘The cougar guy’

Kyle Burgess’ night run at Slate Canyon Trail in Utah wound up being extraordinary. For him, yet for any individual who’s watched the frightening six-minute video of him dreading for his life as a forceful cougar stalks him down a path.

Everything began Saturday when Burgess unearthed a few whelps he thought were wildcats.

“Catamounts are, from what I’ve encountered previously, they’re extremely smooth creatures. They sort of observe you and they only sort of leave with the goal that’s sort of what I thought planned to occur,” Burgess said.

He wasn’t right.

As the 26-year-old started to record the offspring on his wireless, “I saw mother cougar and she just shot straight towards me,” he said.

Burgess, who presently calls himself “the cougar guy” after his video became famous online a weekend ago, recorded the cougar who followed and charged him a few times.

“Disappear!” Burgess shouts in the video as moves in an opposite direction from the cougar.

“I’ve never had this sort of experience,” Burgess said. “Growing up here in Utah, I’ve generally been around the mountains and sort of consistently been trained when you come experience with these large creatures, you got the opportunity to make yourself look greater. You need to cause yourself to be enormous and terrifying as I state in the video.”

Burgess said he felt an enormous help when the cougar at long last stepped back.

“It was simply more a feeling of like fervor that she’s disappearing. Like, truly, thank you, disappear in light of the fact that those six minutes of the video enduring was for such a long time,” he said.

Subsequent to holding up 30 minutes – a tip that his dad in-law, who is a tracker, prescribed him to do – Burgess headed down the path with a stick in one hand and a stone in the other. Just on the off chance that the mom cougar jumped out at him once more.

The Humane Society of the U.S. prescribes individuals to not run on the off chance that they experience a cougar as it can incite the creature.

Rather, individuals ought to legitimately confront the cougar and not gaze them straightforwardly in the eyes yet at their feet, make noisy commotions and attempt to seem bigger. On the off chance that there are fledglings, the association suggests not dividing them and their mom.

While it was a startling encounter, Burgess said he will keep on climbing at Slate Canyon Trail. He’s as of now been back a couple of times to do interviews with nearby outlets.

“It’s sort of like a unique little something, similar to, you fall, you get back up. So it’s sort of that equivalent rule,” he said.

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